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We understand that equipment downtime is critical in terms of production and lost revenue. Therefore, RDG is committed to providing careful planning and around-the-clock execution with experienced personnel to achieve the most aggressive time-lines.

System Optimization Services

Our optimization services focus on analyzing the current operation of an existing system in comparison to its optimal running conditions. This review provides an understanding of maximum system capacity, while defining overall system efficiency.

Optimization Review Categories

  • Heat and Mass Balance Review – Evaluate evaporation system to confirm optimal operating conditions – defining most effective pressure and temperature ranges for each effect.
  • System Arrangement – Confirm effectiveness of current system arrangement and sequencing.
  • Liquor Recirculation Rates – Confirm optimal liquor flow rates for maximum heat transfer performance.
  • Liquor Concentration Levels – Confirm optimal liquor concentration levels through each effect.
  • Ducting / Piping Size – Verify size and arrangement of all recirculation and transfer lines to identify any system capacity limitations due to flow / pressure loss problems.
  • Suggested System Improvements – Present modifications that could benefit capacity or efficiency of current system.
  • Adjustments – flow rate, pressure, or temperature adjustments
  • Upgrades – heating surface replacement, flash tanks, or heat recovery devices.

Laser Welding is the Standard

Rosenblad Design Group, was the first to introduce laser welded evaporator plates to the Pulp and Paper industry back in 1994. This innovation brought major opportunities to the market in both design enhancements and product durability.

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