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Rosenblad Design Group Inc. (RDG) is a leading provider of evaporation solutions for the 21st century.

RDG’s strength in evaporation system application is based on a combination of innovation, sound engineering, meticulous execution, and 80+ years of experience with more than 500 successful operating installations worldwide.

Evaporation and Crystallization Systems




RDG evaporation and crystallization systems are suitable for applications when water or other solvents are required to be removed from a mixed element solution. Depending on the application, the benefit of a given system may be based on the recovery of the solvent or the concentration of the constituents in solution.


Evaporation systems are designed to concentrate the feed stock to a heavy solution or slurry for reduction of  its volume for further processing, use or disposal. When a final solid product or waste is desired an RDG crystallizer is required. RDG crystallizer systems are designed to concentrated or purify solids from a solution.


RDG has the expertise to design systems for a wide variety of applications and end product types.








Our mission At Rosenblad Design Group, it is our goal to attain complete customer satisfaction by providing:

  1. 1 Performance exceeding all requirements, while effectively controlling capital, maintenance and operating costs.
  2. 2 On-time delivery of a world class product based on laser-welded plate-type heating elements designed to improve quality and strength.
  3. 3 A strong post-installation relationship, including continuous performance and monitoring.

Laser Welding is the Standard

Rosenblad Design Group, was the first to introduce laser welded evaporator plates to the Pulp and Paper industry back in 1994. This innovation brought major opportunities to the market in both design enhancements and product durability.

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