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Offering complete evaporation plant design, supply, installation, and start up services. Our equipment is designed in-house using the latest developments and technology in the market. Quality and performance is the focus for everything we build.

Multiple-Effect Evaporators

Multiple-effect evaporators maximize steam economy as vapor generated from one effect is used to drive another. This type of multiple-effect system is perfect for continuous feed applications, as fluids are progressively reduced in each effect to final concentration discharge. The RDG evaporator design, based on patented technologies, is ideal for multiple-effect systems, as each effect can be optimized for both vapor and fluid functional conditions to achieve optimum evaporation. This ability, together with our complete system design, allows us to lead the market for efficiency and reliability.

Major Advantages of RDG Multi-effect systems:

  • Ability to maximize usage of input energy (steam economy)
  • Reduced energy required to run full system
  • Reduced condensing load with additional effects (less cooling water needed)
  • Liquor flow control
  • Convenient foul condensate collection and processing
  • Ability to do online cleaning of individual effects
  • Maximum thermal efficiency with concurrent flow option


The proven, RDG patented falling film plate evaporators offer major advantages over other technologies in the market, such as:

  1. Optimal filming – the RDG Patented plate design offers a constant liquor redistributive feature, which ensures consistent film quality across heating surfaces.
  2. Accessible heating surfaces – Our parallel plate design allows for convenient viewing of all surfaces for inspection and cleaning.
  3. Full steam control – Our flexible plate design allows us to optimize every effect in every system, this is achieved thorough geometry control to ensure optimal vapor velocities and pressure drops.
  4. Flexible System Arrangements – The design control with CNC laser welded plates gives us the ability to produce virtually any plate size, and this freedom allows us optimized plate packages to effectively work within limited footprints or heights.


For more information related to the RDG plate design please refer to the “About Falling Film Plate Evaporators” section.

Laser Welding is the Standard

Rosenblad Design Group, was the first to introduce laser welded evaporator plates to the Pulp and Paper industry back in 1994. This innovation brought major opportunities to the market in both design enhancements and product durability.

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